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We’ve grown accustom to the ease of Amazon Prime haven’t we? I know during lockdown this past year it was a way to get essentials, storage solutions for all the deep cleaning ( !! ) and even pantry items while safely staying at home. It was the first time I really used Amazon and I don’t think I had any idea of all that could be found and purchased. I’ve spent the past few weeks putting together a few Amazon Shops with a curated selection of items, and let me tell you there are some great finds! I’m sharing 5 of my favorites here today that all link to the shop I’VE PRIMED IT ( it felt like a fitting shop title lol! )

This lamp is definitely a favorite and the perfect one to start this list off with. At around $100 ( and has been known to go on sale ) it’s the perfect dupe for some very high end lighting. Don’t forget the pink bulb for the perfect pretty glow.

A new set of pots and pans was a recent must need over here. I had purchased a Calphalon pan a while back that is flat and square and perfect for eggs and pancakes and it’s quickly become my favorite one to use. It was a bit ( ok big ) splurge at Crate & Barrel but I’m loving the brand and quality. After a bit of searching, research and reading reviews I found this Simply Calphalon set. The price is great for the brand, it has a 10 year warranty and they’re wonderful to cook with.

An ice roller, I’m using it right now with morning coffee and I loooove it!

Blue Light Blocking glasses are so effective!  I was chatting with my eye doctor about them and she agreed they can make a huge difference if you spend a lot of time looking at your screen. I found a difference in eye strain and headaches within a few wears.

Hands down most worn piece of clothing in my closet in the past few months. I couldn’t be a bigger fan of these cozy joggers.

Looks like I’m sharing six! We ordered a mattress similar to the ones from Snoozel Green for our bed during quarantine during continuous nights of bad sleep. It adds the coziest hug to your bed and I couldn’t recommend one more. We’ve ended up adding them to both of our girls beds and I even ordered one for my Mom! We have all down alternative and you’ll see a few options linked in The Basics.. they are all very similar so find one that fits your budget, and if you want to splurge go for down fill!

There is also a collection of SHOPS that I’ve set up for browsing, all with great finds >

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