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Hi, I'm Sarah. Designer, Artist, Mom, Creative. Realizing we can all find moments in each day to really enjoy. Is there a room in your home that you really stop to take in each day because it brings comfort and makes you smile? One you can't wait to get back to after a long day? Do you have a favorite outfit that makes you feel like you're bound to have the best day because you're wearing it? A worn in pair of joggers that you instantly relax in once they're on? I do and it's my favorite. Maybe it sounds silly to start thinking about little things in a big way but taking on these ideas in small ways turns little moments in our everyday into moments we slow down and think about.. and start to treasure and anticipate. These little things are what I'm passionate about and what I'm here to share. Designing your spaces so you love them and can't wait to get into them. Painting watercolors that are easy and airy and affordable because art should be accessible for everyone. Sharing great finds when it comes to fashion and blogging about all those little things and little moments that might help you take a moment in your day and think "yeah, I enjoyed that".


Thanks for being here -


Hi, I'm Sarah

All that above? That's so me. I'm pretty simple.. easy effortless style in fashion and home. Sharing pieces you want to live in and live with. I'm about family and friends, laughing a lot, making the day to day lovely, enjoying little moments. Creating a home that is welcoming and feels good. I love to organize and I feel there is a place for everything. I love to collect but I can't stand clutter. I love a space that is filled with things you love, where your eye can travel and take everything in without disruption. Cooking a great meal no matter how simple, great ingredients, a cookbook for guidance but sometimes taking your own path. 






you're the best, thank you!

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