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I've been in a bit of a purge mood lately.. not really the spring cleaning kind of purge mood, more of an I want to be surrounded by things I love and have intentionally picked mood. It started with my closet because I knew I wanted to get pieces I wasn't wearing to the consignment store I've been going to for years and years at the start of the fall season and that turned into a try on everything - it took days - do I wear it, do I love the fit? Maybe I loved the idea of it but never wore it because the fit was off.. if there was a hesitation out it went. When it was all cleared and I sorted my closet and organized it in a pleasing way for me I was so happy- I was seeing the pieces I love and want to wear instead of being distracted by pieces I don't love or maybe felt guilt about because I bought and don't wear. This cleaning went from the closet to the garage and now I'm going to intentionally go through all the storage spaces, it's not really about wanting less, it's about choosing things that I like. I realize that sounds a little crazy, so yes it's about less in a sense, letting go of things that aren't serving but appreciating the things you have and are bringing in.

There's no question my style is classic, probably boring to some but I've always loved a basic and will buy pieces I love to wear in multiple colors. It's easy and effortless and makes getting dressed a no brainer. For interiors I'm drawn to texture and neutrals, again easy pieces that speak for themselves, minimal in a way that always reads clean and pieces I love to look at. Fridays finds today are a collection of pieces from H&M that are just stand out classic pieces that elevate -

For ease all pieces are linked HERE -

I love to watch Crate & Barrel and CB2 for great decor pieces and these pieces caught my eye today. Great shapes, great texture, the perfect color of candle ( ordering right now ). Don't forget to display candle sticks without candles too, they're gorgeous and interesting on their own! Shallow dishes for collecting what you love as much as convenience and storage - HERE

We're headed into a long weekend here in Canada for Thanksgiving, hope you all have a wonderful weekend, x


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