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Chances are you've read all the details about e design here on the site and you're ready to get started. Here are a few things that you can consider and work on before we get started to help me begin with a great vision of your space and the space you'd like it to become.

E Design is a big commitment and I don't take that lightly. You're putting a lot of trust in me to create something you love. I think the number one thing to consider before committing is are we a good fit? My style is very light bright and airy. I love soft neutrals, natural elements, tonal layers, textiles and textures. I'm minimal in my design, but not fully in a minimal way. I love to collect and be surrounded by lovely things, but I need to do so in a non cluttered visually appealing way where there is blank space for your eyes to rest and also take in all the beauty. I love symmetry and balance in furniture and also in color. I do love to decorate with color too.. not just neutrals so don't be afraid to ask for that! There are a lot of design styles that fit within what I love so always be your self when pinning inspiration and sharing ( more on that shortly! )

Ask yourself what is missing from the room. What do you love in the room? How do you want it to feel and how do you want it to present to anyone visiting your home? Do you follow accounts who's aesthetic you love? If you haven't already, I'll ask you to start a pinboard that you can fill with images that evoke a feeling.. that have elements you love, the ones that stop you in your tracks and say " yes that's it! " " that's the room I want!" For me to be able to see the big picture of your goals and what you would like to achieve is exactly the thing. Tell me, show me.. more is always more when presenting your ideas.

I'm very settled in my aesthetic, in a good way I think. I know what I love, and what I'm drawn to. This doesn't mean I'm not flexible in designing your spaces but more so helps me to get you to a place of also loving and trusting your aesthetic and what you're drawn to. There's a lot of inspiration and design in the world and being able to trust what you love is kind of life changing. That seems a little dramatic but imagine getting to a place where you're not constantly feeling you need to update or embrace a trend. Being happy where you are. You can look at IG posts and admire others spaces and style without thinking you need to adopt it.

It's been over ten years that I have been doing e designs and I have enjoyed every project I've worked on. Starting out being open to each other and how we communicate builds a relationship that honestly is the second thing I love about this process. By the time your room is done, we're friends. I strive to earn your trust and belief in what I offer and in many past cases one room turns into another. I'm excited to work with you, and get to know you and your home. Let's make it a beautiful space you love.

Here are the few social spots I'm active on creating and curating a feed that is true to me!


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