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All about comfort and let me tell you this sweatshirt is a win! It has a lived in vintage feel, the perfect soft shade and just slightly oversized fit ( think more a perfect slouch than looking 2 sizes too big ) There are a variety of styles / logo's available > Classic Crew Sweatshirt

You know I love jackets and I've been eyeing this one for a while.. when I saw this bone shade available it was a yes for me haha.. and pairing it with a classic tank in the same shade is an easy outfit to throw on with a pair of black joggers! Always Effortless Jacket + Classic Fit Cotton Blend Tank. Speaking of Lululemon, I've been in need of a versatile tote and I've had my eye on this one since Christmas time. I loved the brown shade it was available in then, but since it's no longer available went with a classic black. It's a great size, has great storage and compartments! On My Level Bag


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