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lounge edit | & dinner

Anthropologie is offering 40% off loungewear and the timing couldn’t be better >

*Alissa Layering Tank  ( have this one in white and love! )

*Tonal Hair Tie set and I love these clips, using daily!

Breakfast for dinner? Any day of the week.. but this ones a little different. With time allowing more well, time, I’m using it to flip through cookbooks and find some different dinners for my little fam. Last night we had Mexican Beef and Eggs from What Katie Ate ( on the weekend.. ). It’s from breakfast and brunch in the cookbook but it’s definitely hearty enough for dinner. I added some deep fried tater tots to keep with breakfast fun and a loaf of fresh bread cut in thick slices. It was delish ( and EASY! )

Here’s a link to the Mexican Beef and Eggs, this one is served with a potato hash which is not included in the cookbook. Also to note, coriander was not listed in the recipe I used so that’s completely up to you if you like it. The can of chopped tomatoes, I put about a 1/4 of the can in with the beef and then put the rest in the blender to get rid of the chunks of tomato and make it more of a liquid ( and added that in ). Personal preference! I also put a handful of cilantro right in the beef after it was browned and garnished with it as well!

Stay cozy, thinking of you, x


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