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Honest talk.. after 2 years of working with my doctors my thyroid seems to finally be in a controlled place and has me feeling back to myself. It’s been a rollercoaster health wise and along with it came a shift in weight, both a major loss and then the re gain after. Tie that in with a pandemic and lockdown and all the home time, turning 43.. my body has shifted and changed. But changed in a good way. I feel heathy and happy. I’m hopeful that our world will be opening up again and when it does, I may want to change out of the joggers into denim every once in a while ha! Citizens of Humanity is really appealing to me with these styles above. Easy to wear with a tee, easy to dress up when needed. And if you read yesterdays post you know I’m all about sneakers and these styles definitely fit the bill!

Charlotte High Rise Straight | Marlee Relaxed Taper | Charlotte High Rise Straight | Juliette Slim Tee 

Depending on your go to for shopping, Nordstrom has a great Citizens collection, Shopbop and Revolve.

#citizensofhumanity #denim #easydenimstyles #gotodenim

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