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a chat on hair

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease and Graves Disease.. all thyroid related, and while for the most part everything is regulated now, one thing that I definitely notice has waves that coincide to any hormone imbalance is my hair. All will be normal and then all of a sudden there’s so much thinning.. and then the regrowth from the thinning. It’s a cycle I don’t have much control over but I’ve found a bit of a system that is working for me and some products I love that are so great for my fine hair. See I love big hair and volume, and my hair is not built for that! Here’s what I’ve been using for the last few months and loving the result of >>

It all started with OUAI. These four products were a game changer for me >

Scalp Serum > Apply to scalp before bed. Smells amazing and definitely saw new growth. I finished the bottle and at the same time tried a new product, more to come on this but I would absolutely repurchase.

Finishing Cream is an everyday product for me. Doesn’t weigh down my hair.

Texturizing Hair Spray is my hero product for sure. I’ll style my bangs, do a mixture of straightening and curling the length and then spray this in, and brush through with a round brush ( and a little back comb to build volume ). Then tame and let it settle but it keeps some texture in your hair, and is re buildable through the day with brushing without applying more product. ( If out of stock at Sephora it’s also available here )

Cleansing scalp and body sugar scrub > feels great.. I use sparingly. A container lasts a long time!

In a search for a thickening spray I came across BondiBoost and have added three of their products into my rotation. I’m trying two of these sprays right now in place of the OUAI serum >>

Hair Thickening Therapy Styling Spray. Hero product two. Love love love. I spray on wet hair before the OUAI finishing cream.

Intensive Leave In Spray for Thinning hair > flipping back and forth at bedtime putting this and the next product in my hair. I spray at the scalp in dry hair and rub in to get it to the scalp.

Procapil Hair Tonic for Thinning Hair > same as above, alternating nights on this one!

And the last thing that I am full out LOVING is The Baby Brush Crush Mini Heated Straightening Brush. My oldest daughter bought one for her hair and I tried it one morning and immediately ordered my own. It’s perfect for styling my bangs and any hair that doesn’t get a wave ( it’s a balance haha ). I can get the brush under and comb to build volume and straighten. A straightening iron was making my bangs too straight, this is perfect. It’s great for straightening my texture of hair, I think thicker hair would be a little harder, but there is a larger version. I haven’t used my original straightener at all in the weeks since purchasing. So much less heat on my hair too!


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