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It's official.. I've reached the stage in life that I am asking for appliances for gifts, not cringing if I get one haha! I've been thinking about juicing for a while now, but was honestly intimidated by the different machines and the commitment or spend on all the fruit and vegetables to juice. Well enter a Costco membership for bulk fruit and veg to last a week and a juicer that is so easy to use and clean up and I'm juicing every day and loving it.

I tried a few different things right off the bat, was searching great flavour combinations ( I'll share those! ) when one just clicked. It's my everyday go to and it's not a big commitment to prep the ingredients or a big spend on groceries for it. Most days I make it for Kevin and I and this is plenty for 2 good size drinks. It's amazing how much juice there is in celery!


I full size cucumber

5 stalks of celery

2 lemons

2 apples, I like a sweeter variety to balance the tartness

a nub of ginger

Prep is so easy, peel the ginger and lemons and slice the apples in half. Give everything a wash and you're ready to juice! I love the mix of ingredients and getting the pure form of them is full of goodness for your body. Lemon ginger and celery are great for your digestion in the morning. Ginger can also help with inflammation and enhance immune function. Lemon is a strong detox agent, a dose of vitamin c and promotes hydration. Celery again with the detox and hydration. Cucumber is high in antioxidants, promotes hydration and is a great source of vitamin k. I use apples to balance all the tart flavours but they also bring a dose of vitamin c and fiber to the table.

The machine I use is the Breville Juice Fountain Cold Press Juicer. It has a great pitcher with it if you are juicing larger volumes, for daily juice I use the cup attachment on the spout and juice into a smaller Ikea pitcher. The juicer is currently in stock >

If you don't like the froth that fruits can produce I spotted this complimentary jug on Amazon that holds back the froth when you pour the juice. It's expensive but completely to preference.

A really flexible spatula comes in very handy for a quick clean up to scrape all the remnants into the compost bin. Also there's always a little bit of juice left in the bowl shaped piece of the juicer so be sure to get it!


Orange, carrot + ginger

Beet, apple, carrot, celery + ginger

Cucumber, mint + lemon

Orange, apple, lemon, ginger, turmeric

Carrot, lemon + ginger

Beet, carrot, orange + ginger

Orange, lemon + ginger

If you are juicing beets, carrots or turmeric they are very staining ingredients so be sure to get the juicer cleaned out well as soon as you can if you want to prevent staining!


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